End underearning with the Self Employment Telesummits Home Study

The 2009, 2010, and 2011 Self Employment Telesummits are available for immediate download. Follow the links below for details about each year’s program and how to add the sessions to your permanent self employment library.

Click here for the complete 2009 program and details about how to get the complete 2009 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library

Click here for the complete 2010 program and details about how to get the complete 2010 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library.

Click here for the complete 2011 program and details about how to get the complete 2011 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library.

Get all three telesummits for the price of two

Take a look at what’s one offer for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Self Employment Telesummits. If you like what you see, you can order all three for the price of just two. Click here to take advantage of this special offer, valid until February 15, 2014.


Here’s a sampling of the world’s top heart-centered teachers who have presented at the Self Employment Telesummits


Healers, coaches, artists, and other talented and giving professionals:

Imagine knowing that you can rely on a stable income doing work you love. That the rifts between your head and your heart around money are healed. That you can set Big Hairy Audacious Goals—financial and otherwise—with confidence and integrity.

Imagine that every day you are transforming under-earning into the joyful creation of meaningful wealth.


…you may wonder if wealth is a real possibility. If you will ever break out of the cycle of under-earning that plagues so many Accidental Entrepreneurs.

I believe it is possible to stop under-earning. I believe we can go further. I believe together we can transform under-earning into the joyful creation of meaningful wealth.

If you are self-employed, wealth creation is not a luxury.

When you work for yourself because you love what you do, and when you don’t particularly love the business piece, it can be tempting to settle for getting by.

But I want more for you. I want you to experience well being on mutiple levels so that your work thrives in the world. So that you shine. So that your well being blesses everyone you come into contact with.

I believe we are each responsible for creating that kind of well being, and that’s what I mean when I say wealth creation is not a luxury.

And all of that’s why I’ve created the Self-Employment Telesummits, so you can learn essential wealth creating skills now.

Every one of the telesummit feature presentations and bonuses
is designed to get your insides and outsides aligned
around the joyful creation of meaningful wealth.

You’ll learn the four pillars of joyfully creating meaningful wealth from teachers renowned for their ability to translate the language of business into the language of the heart.


…so you’ll be on your own side, being your best self, fully aligned with wealth creation.


…so your just-right clients can find you.


…so your just-right clients hire you.

Money Wisdom

…so old patterns don’t get in the way of wealth creation.

You’ll discover:

  • Your true potential as a creator in the world. As a result, you will learn how to thrive, regardless of your current or future circumstances.
  • How to say the right thing in the right tone to the right person at the right time so you get all the business you want by being yourself.
  • How to use video as a marketing tool that plucks you out of the realm of competition and into a world of abundance.
  • How to shape your business with the wisdom and guidance of your own soul and of the soul of your business.
  • Ways to describe the value of your work in language that’s instantly resonant with your “right people.”
  • How to cut through the overwhelm of having a business online.
  • 3 big insights and practical actions you can use immediately to upgrade your bios for the web, your speaker sheet, and your social networking profiles.
  • How to turn the dreaded response of “I can’t afford it” into the perfect opportunity for you to enroll a new client right on the spot.
  • Keys to to breaking out and succeeding brilliantly,
    while moving confidently, in flow, and with unstoppable ease.
  • Insider secrets that publishers and marketers use to position new ideas, stories, and works in powerful, emotional, and fresh ways.
  • The three ways to ensure there’s nothing smarmy in your pricing and sales (so you can feel great about selling and profiting).
  • What’s holding you back online and how to take to turn online marketing from a time sink into a value generator for your business.
  • The spiritual truth behind pricing, and why transactional thinking will always feel miserable to the heart.
  • Why you’re under-charging and how to turn that around while connecting more deeply with what your clients value.
  • What makes financial goals compelling (and it isn’t money).
  • Why “weirdness” in life-changing business (big or small) is the key to your ability to prosper.
  • A foolproof roadmap that gives you instant clarity in every business situation.
  • A “Power Retrieval” ritual to access resources and allies to provide clear direction.

A Sampling of Our Amazing Speakers

  • Michael Neill, “America’s #1 Success Coach” and author of You Can Have What You Want: Time to Thrive!
  • Susan Harrow, the Sound Bite Siren: Master Messaging: Creating Memorable Messages To Get What You Want in Business & in Life
  • Steven Washer, the vanilla chai video guy from BrainyVideo.com: How to Use Video to Make Yourself the Go-To Authority
  • Writer, mentor, and intuitive strategist, Hiro Boga: Create Sustainable Prosperity by Partnering with the Soul of Your Business
  • Grace Judson, the diva of clear, compassionate comunications: Can They Hear You Now? Learning to Speak Your Customers’ Language
  • Dawud Miracle, the web-platform guy for your service-based business: Would You Believe You Don’t Need a Website?
  • Publicity Expert Nancy “Broadcast Your Brilliance” Juetten: Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow to Attract Clients Now
  • Business transformation coach and creativity catalyst Bill Baren: How to Enroll High-Paying Clients Without Doing Any Selling
  • Innovation expert Julie Ann Turner: Stop Stopping Yourself! Secrets to Slay Sneaky Self-Saboteurs
  • Janet Goldstein, editor, agent, and publishing maven: 8 Ingredients of a Good (or Great) Idea: Simple Secrets to Add Clarity, Depth, Timelinesand Passionate Audienceto Any Idea-Driven Project
  • Teach Now! Creators Jennifer Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen: Earn Your Worth, Sustainably and Without Hype, Teaching Others
  • Tom Treanor, author of The SEO Boot Camp, Wharton MBA (!), and President of Right Mix Marketing Inc.: How Your Under-utilized Web Presence is Holding You Back: Ways to Get Out of Your Technology Comfort Zone…Comfortably
  • Mark Silver, business teacher and spiritual healer (business healer and spiritual teacher): Charging Your Right Price (Without being greedy and while keeping your heart in service.)
  • Charlie Gilkey, the go-to guy for creative change-makers: How to Get Out of the Under-charging/Under-earning Cycle
  • Molly Gordon, business sage and trickster for the spiritually and psychologically savvy: “Stop Watching the Cow!” How to Set Compelling Goals that Pull You Toward Meaningful Wealth
  • Lissa Boles, The Soul Mapper™: It Pays To Be Weird
  • Shift-meister and Sound Ninja Fabeku Fatunmise: Superpowers, Storytelling and Soul Stuff: How Going Deep Affects Your Bottom Line
  • Amethyst Wyldfyre, shaman, author, and artist: Invoking the Spirit of Self Care for the Self Employed

The 2009, 2010, and 2011 Self Employment Telesummits are all available for immediate download. Follow the links below for details about each year’s program and how to add the sessions to your permanent self employment library.

Click here for the complete 2009 program and details about how to get the complete 2009 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library

Click here for the complete 2010 program and details about how to get the complete 2010 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library.

Click here for the complete 2011 program and details about how to get the complete 2011 Self Employment Telesummit for your permanent library.

More testimonials for Molly Gordon

Lee Alden

I am so excited! I just downloaded your book and began reading and I just had to stop to send this e-mail to you. I love the way you write and the way you think and, obviously, the way you live it all out! I am thrilled to be able to learn from you and to live these gems myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lee Alden, Certified Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie™


Carol Griffin, fine artist

Before beginning Molly’s Authentic Promotion course, I was quite skeptical. I didn’t want to be disappointed and frankly, I thought that I might be. I haven’t completed the course yet, but already it has been more helpful to me than I could have imagined. Molly’s content is REAL. She has a way of getting to the heart of the matter.

My thinking about marketing myself began to change with the very first lesson, and I’ve become much more confident about the idea of selling. Many of my previous negative beliefs have turned into positive ones, and I’ve already begun taking steps to market myself in an authentic way. The most important change in my thinking is that I no longer think of trying to SELL something–I’m now thinking in terms of matching value that I can offer with a need that someone else has.

Molly’s work has helped me form new neural pathways in my brain that will change my thinking going forward–and that’s a good thing! Carol Griffin, Fine Artist, ccgriffin.net

The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur was like a breath of fresh air when you’re running out of oxygen. It has made me see my practice from a totally different light. Molly’s personal journey inspired me to believe in my own unique gifts. I realized the value of authenticity in my business–being true not only to my clients but, more importantly, truer to myself. It is ironic that I bought this program to discover how to figure out my business, but I ended up discovering how to figure out myself so I could drive my business better. Thank you Molly! Gina Cajucom BSc PHR CHRP candidate, Insight Coaching and Consulting, careerinsights.ca

Molly is totally authentic as a coach, business owner, and person. You can just hear it in her. Her concepts are sometimes unusual and yet so helpful and hopeful–bringing things down to right size.

In The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur, Molly identifies all the feelings and challenges in growing a business and being authentic. Reading or hearing her work is like coming home to myself and letting go of all the extra baggage. In doing one of her exercises, I was able to hone in on the two most important elements I bring to the work I do with clients. Perfect.

I trust Molly’s work and integrity wholeheartedly and will continue to become a deeper member of her community and product offerings. She’s an original and offers real and authentic lasting value in a landscape filled with hype. Molly walks her talk. And she consistently over delivers. Her work is a blessing. Sandy Herkowitz, www.MoneyandPurpose.com

Mary Alice Golden

Before I went online with my Spiritual Empowerment Coaching business for women, The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur was the first product I purchased online. I was concerned that after being a student of Byron Katie and nonduality for some time, that I would not get much from the program. However, after reading the book and going through all the materials, my reservations dissolved. I received a call soon after from a woman who was to become my first client and was interested in purchasing an intro session. I had added coaching packages at the last minute to my product page as an afterthought. Even though we hadn’t discussed a package, she purchased the most expensive package. All my previous beliefs about what people would spend, and how much money people had dissolved in one second. Now I no longer worry about what other people will spend and am more confident with my fees. I learned that from your program–stay out of other people’s business and stay out of God’s business. My business is beginning to flourish with just right clients thanks in part to your program. Thanks again, Molly, you rock. Mary Alice Golden, realityshiftswhenyoudo.com

What became clear for me [as a result of Authentic Wealth]was not so much my relationship with money, but my relationship to how I made my money. Long-standing resentments that I had no idea existed, had tainted my relationship with money and my life. I have found peace and a realistic view of money. Now I can go forward, using all the tools Molly and so many other people have taught me this year to have a successful practice. Sue Boyle

I have the longest waiting list I’ve ever had for clients and I feel as if some spigot got opened. Melissa Gayle West, www.FeralNun.com

Jennifer Louden, author, creativity coach

Molly helped me get clear on what I wanted to do with one of my businesses. The very next day, I had created a new business relationship that will make more money for me and less work, while freeing up time for my new creative pursuits. Jennifer Louden, jenniferlouden.com


As an artist, there is always a struggle between the making of work and the selling/ marketing of product. Molly Gordon hangs it out there for all to see and follow by example.

She is a teacher of authenticity, knowing yourself, feeding your business and thriving as an entrepreneur. She is a North Star in my humble opinion. Nicole Strasburg, NicoleStrasburg.com


self-employed therapist

When I was really negative about my abilities to move forward, Molly met me right there. She’s been there herself, which is why she’s so good at what she does.

I finally feel confident in knowing exactly what I need to do, which is something I’ve never felt before. Becky DeGrossa, newgenerationpractices.com

What I really liked was the straightforward and counter-intuitive rules about business. I am SO TIRED of business-speak and your book didn’t have any of that. I have finally decided that I can be an entrepreneur, and that I need to try this. Catherine Adams, Norway

"web designer" business

Molly has helped me to learn a way of making decisions and solving problems that has greatly contributed to success in both business and overall contentment in life.

I used to feel like I’d take two steps backward for every step forward. Now, every backward step launches me forward (and sometimes sideways!) and the results in my life and business are tangible and satisfying. Laurie Jones, marbledog.net

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